Users Game Manual
By Brian N. Bullock
Released on: March 15 2014
for game version: 1.0 [Beta]

Notice: Whenever you click away from the game's screen it will go Inactive (basically a hard pause) this does not mean that the game has crashed. in order to resume playing simply just click the screen again.

Table of Contents:

- Story
- Introduction
- Controls
- Game Screen
- The Hazards
Collectables -
Game Tips -
Game Credits -
Production Tools -

The Game's Story:
Pinkie's Pointless Adventure of Pointlessness

One night, Pinkie Pie (the pink party pony) found herself all alone and completely bored of everything. So she randomly decided that it would be good fun to travel across SparkieFly Bay (a place that doesnt exist in any sort of canon whatsoever) while dangling from a couple of colorful balloons. So she grabbe/%##$ - - - wait, why does this even need a story? This is Party pitchin', Fourth Wall breaking Pinkie Pie! There's no rhyme or reason at all for this! Just go play the darn game you silly brony!


Or just continue reading the manual... \(0_o)/
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Pinkie's Balloon Trip is a clone of the mini-game from Balloon Kid (Gameboy) and Balloon Fight (NES) Basically you float around the screen on your balloons avoiding electric sparkies while popping other balloons. The playing field is never ending and so your goal is to see how far you can get without dying. You rank up on points trying to reach the highest score and the lowest rank.

There was also a version released for Nintendo Land on the Nintendo WiiU called Balloon Trip Freeze which to my understanding (havent played it) has a few different variations of the game.

Both games that this mini-game came from (and the Nintendo Land version) were created and belong to Nintendo and should be credited as so.

From the NES Version: "Balloon Fight"

From the GameBoy Version "Balloon Kid"

From the WiiU Version "Nintendo Land"

In this version you play as Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and it adapts more from the GameBoy version of the game (with a few added features). This game has the addition of an online Leaderboard and a few added MLP:FiM eastereggs (if you pass the 25000 score).
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Game Controls
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Game Screen

The current top score according to the in-game's leaderboard. Can you top it?

Your current score while in the game.

Your current Rank. Your rank is figured up by TopScore divided by 500.

[User Name:]
The area at the top right of the screen (just below the status bar) that displays your current user name. You can change your name by returning to the Main Menu (through the menus of the Pause Screen or Death Screen)
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The Hazards

There are just a couple of hazards that can end your game. Here's the list:

1.] Sparkies
Sparkies are all over the place over StaticHoof Bay (why do you think its called that?) That's why Pinkie must be extra careful while floating aimlessly about over such an area! One touch of a sparkie will zolk our favorite party pony and send her flailing into the fish-infested depths below!

2.] The Fish
That blasted fish is hungry for pony! Dont float too close to the water or he'll come leaping out from his watery abode to gobble you up!

3.] Drowning
If you manage to go low and still avoid the pony eating fish you still risk going too low where Pinkie could lose her balloons and sink beneath the waves. This death is easily avoided but still also possible, so dont go too low!
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There's just a few collectables in the game that will help boost your score or effect the gameplay in some way. Here are those collectables:

The Balloons
For the balloons, there is a sort of levelling system. If you collect ten balloons at a time without nissing any, then your balloon level moves up a point. If you miss a single balloon it goes down a point. There are only four levels in this system and the balloons change accordingly. Here's what it looks like.

Red Balloon [level 1 (default & minimum)]
Score Get: 50 points
A single red balloon. Not much special about this one.

Blue Balloon [level 2]
Score Get: 100 points
A single blue balloon, seems to have twice the pop than the red.

Red & Blue Balloons [level 3]
Score Get: 150 points
The red and blue balloon combined, not a bad mix!

Blue & Green Balloons [level 4]
Score Get: 200 points
The blue balloon with a new green one. Quadrouple the pop!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Bubble
The bubble will actually pause the scrolling allowing you time to collect all the balloons on the screen. Be careful though on when you grab it, just because the scrolling stops doesnt mean that you stop, you could easily fly forward into a sparkie!

The bubble will also score you a whopping 200 points, so cheers!
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Game Tips

You may find this game a real challenge to play through. Here are just a few tips that will help you to get started:

Tip #1
The Fish actually travels at the same speed as the game's scrolling, so try to maintain your speed with the scrolling to avoid being eaten (also try not to move around too much while near the water)

Tip #2
Try not to hug the right side edge of the screen too much. The fish WILL eat you when your close enough to the water.

Tip #3
Try to imagine a clear path ahead of you (according to the position of the sparkies) and try to follow said path. It always helps to look ahead and plan accordingly!

Tip #4
While at the far top of the screen and you find yourself nearly cornered by a few sparkies and you cant descend fast enough, try bumping your head on the ceiling. This will cause you to bounce down (hopefully fast enough to avoid the sparkies!

Tip #5
When you reach a high-score, you may want to change your leaderboard name to something else so your high score will be preserved. If you continue to use your old name you risk the chance of losing that high-score.
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Programing & Design:
- B. Bullock -
aka: MisterBull
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Local Storage Mod:
- ntfwc -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Game's Graphics:

Equestrian Moon BG:
- from the show -
Slightly Altered in PSP7

Everything Else:
- B. Bullock -
aka: MisterBull
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Game's Music:

Title Theme
- Unknown (also NA) -

Balloon Kid Stage 1 Theme
- Troy Davis (NA) -

Kirby Green Greens Remix
- Blue Warrior (NA) -

(NA = Not Associated)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Special Thanks:

- Oshiitenma -
For testing/playing

- Tim (action9000) -
For help w/ audio software
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
From The MonkeyX Comunity:

- Midimaster -
For the grabImage() code

- impixi -
Code dissabling blurry
images (when scaled)

- Desperado -
For help on setting up
the leaderboard

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Production Tools

- Monkey X -
Coding Language

- Notepad ++ -
for html/css/js editing

- Paint Shop Pro 7 -
For the graphics

- Animation Shop -
For testing animations

- SeaTone (or cTone) -
For digital sound effects

- Audacity -
For sound recording/mixing

- SynthFont -
For midi manipulation

- -
For the online leaderboard

- -
Text to Speech System
for digital voice clips

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